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Tbilisi 25-ATW "Eliava" - "Saakadze" Georgia

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    Tbilisi 25-ATW "Eliava" - "Saakadze" Georgia

    TPH-25 Urbain in Tbilisi. Second urban cable car in Tbilisi.

    Designed by Giorgi Pantsulaia and Shakhtgiprotrans team, built between 1960 and 1961.

    Opened on May 1961.

    630 meters long aerial tramway used to connect Didube district with the shortest way to Giorgi Saakadze Square in Saburtalo District to Technical University of Tbilisi at a speed of 6 m/s.

    Each open type cabin could carry up to 25 passengers and they were produced in Tbilisi Aviation Factory.

    Abandoned in 1980.

    Cable car had no supporting towers.

    In 1980 cable car was abandoned because after building Vakhushti bridge on Mtkvari river and the embarkment roads to the bridge, the roads appeared to near to the cables. A new project of reconstruction was made in 1980 to risen the cables with 7 meters. Eventually this was never came to reality and the cable car remaind abandoned.

    The stations remained almost intact till 2001 and then the upper station was redesigned as residential house and the lower one into stores and retails.

    Lower Station


    What's rest of it