The Drakensberg Park covers most of the Drakensberg and is a world heritage site. The Mnweni area is a portion of tribal land nestled between the Royal Natal National Park and the Drakensberg Park, and hence open for exploitation. I have been hiking in the Mnweni area since 2004, and it is one of the last bits of truly unspoilt nature around; a magnificent part of the Berg (arguably the most scenic) and environmentally fragile.You need not be an expert to know that the business case, feasibility and environmental impact studies are rubbish - the area is remote; it will not see a lot of visitors ever and the weather will render the cableway useless for a significant part of the year. The environmental impact will be disastrous - major construction and 800+ people up there per day. I cannot imagine that this will make economic or environmental sense, ever. Hence the comments already flying about the juicy R500m budget and tenderpreneurs.The point of this post: how do we do our bit to stop this madness from happening? Will the MCSA get in on the game with a legal challenge? Do we lobby political opposition? Make more noise? Social media?

Please help.

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